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With VidGum you can get your revenue at any time, no need to wait for YouTube payments!
How does it work?
  1. You publish a video.
  2. As a rule, Google transfers the money in 30-60 days after a video is published. Instead, VidGum pays you from its own fund. That means, you can withdraw money (credits) to your account without waiting for Google reports.
  3. After 30-60 days, when Google transfers your revenue, we write off the "credits" that you've earned during the month.
Join the community and get paid for your videos every day!

The first YouTube partner network without fees

Vidgum is the world's first YouTube partner network that connects creators exclusively on 100 to 0 terms: we pay all your income in full.

The future of YouTube  is already here

What we offer

Manage your money yourself
Full control over your finances is in your hands. Get 100% of the money transferred to you by YouTube. Withdraw them in any way through 10+ convenient payment systems in just two clicks. All at once and in one convenient personal account. This is not a fantasy, this is reality!

Payment systems:
Visa, Мastercard, PayPal, Wire transfer, Cryptocurrencies and others...
Protection and support
You enjoy all benefits of the partner network for free: 24/7 technical support, resolution of problems with Community Guidelines strikes, limited monetization, etc. You no longer need to pay partner networks to do their main job!
The growth of your income
There is a modern ecosystem and a personal account at your disposal where you can find many services for the development and additional monetization of your channel!

Who we are

Vidgum is a team of 100+ experts who have been working with YouTube creators for 5+ years. We speak 10+ languages and assist YouTubers in 70+ countries. We pros all around, the indicators of our partners are always growing.

Why you need to choose Vidgum

Express payments
You'll get your money here faster than anywhere else. YouTube has not calculated your income yet, but we have, and we are ready to make payments any day, in any way that is convenient for you.
The growing ecosystem
We connect more and more services for your convenience and for the development of your channel, and you choose the ones that you need. You can choose everything for your creativity based on the pay as you go model: services of designers, YouTube channel auditing, integration with the platform for receiving advertising offers.
Convenient personal account
Here, you can manage your money, view reports on revenue and withdrawals, and use various services for additional monetization of your channel.
The fastest and most effective technical support
Ready to help 24/7, 90% of issues are resolved within 1 day. Vidgum support specialists deal with any technical issues, help you resolve Community Guidelines strikes, problems with limited monetization and more.
Content ID
Vidgum gives you an opportunity to protect your videos on the platform and earn money from copies of your content using the Content ID tool.
Advertising contracts with brands
We select advertising contracts for you and work directly with advertisers. Our experts choose only the most profitable offers for you.


Vidgum is an official and cross-country Google affiliate network.
We work in 70+ countries

Get 100% of your income!

Join the Vidgum partner network with revenue share 100 to 0 and get additional protection and monetization of your YouTube channel!