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By connecting to Vidgum, you use all the main services for free. But we offer you even more! A whole menu of different services that help increase revenue and make your work easier. You choose what you need, and pay only for the specific jobs performed. This makes our cooperation as transparent as possible.
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Additional paid services for Vidgum partners

General channel operation

Channel audit
This is a complete analysis of your entire channel: videos, metadata, thumbnails, etc. Experts who know everything about how YouTube algorithms work compile a full report for you, point out your strengths and weaknesses, and give you tips on how to improve your channel.
Comprehensive management of the channel
Vidgum takes over all the work of running your channel. All our experts work for you. All you have to do is film and send us a video, and we'll do the rest. Preparation, publication, and all additional work – all this is done by our specialists.
This is a comprehensive service; we take responsibility for the preparation of your video for publication and the publication itself. This is what you get immediately: optimization and metadata localization, thumbnail design, and we choose the best time to publish your video.
Channel design
Illustrators and designers from our team work to make your channel look attractive and present you in the best possible way. The design includes creating a logo and banner for a YouTube channel, and you can also create designs for other social networks.

Additional monetization

Content ID
We add your videos to the Content ID system, this tool allows us to track all cases of theft and re-uploads of your content on YouTube and turn the monetization from them in your favor. We can also block re-uploads at your request.
Personal manager
This is the expert for whom you are the most important person. Your personal manager is ready to communicate with you at any time in any convenient messenger. They promptly process all your requests, solve problems, and provide you with advice on working on YouTube.
Google ad campaigns
We want as many people as possible to see your cool videos! Launching, configuring, and optimizing Google ad campaigns helps you attract more viewers who are interested in your content.
Specialists from our Analytics Department deal with each video received for optimization individually. Quickly and carefully analyze the necessary data and select metadata, so that your videos have the maximum possible organic reach.
Optimization / metadata localization
We localize the titles and descriptions of your videos and translate them into different languages so that your audience expands with the addition of viewers who do not speak the original language of your videos.

Channel design

Template for thumbnails
We will create a template that you can use to create your own thumbnails and add/change them as you like, that way your channel will have an overall attractive style.
Thumbnail creation
Our talented designers create the most attractive thumbnails for your videos. We analyze video and design trends on YouTube and make previews that users really want to click on.
Making subtitles
We carefully analyze your video and make extremely accurate subtitles in the original language. Subtitles are provided to you in the format *.srt file that you can add on YouTube.
Create subtitles in different languages
We translate subtitles into different languages, and you can choose which ones. Translated subtitles are provided as *.srt files that can be added to YouTube.
Animated intro
Vidgum's illustrators, designers, and animators will create a dynamic animated intro for you that will become the business card for your channel.
Animated outro
We will make a 20-second splash screen that will complete your videos and make your channel even more memorable.
Localization and voiceover
Our team translates your videos into the languages you choose, we select a suitable dubbing actor and voice the videos. You get audio files with voice acting in *.wav format.

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