objective: to support brand launch in the CIS markets
solution: leveraging several YouTubers of various verticals (entertainment, travel show, tech reviews) for a series of special projects involving Wix
client: wix.com
entertainment: Ildar's fans were given an opportunity to sneak-peak into the private life of their favourite YouTube celebrity.

Ildar created a web-site on Wix,uncovering his struggle with overweight.

Apart from his own private story the site contains advice on healthy diet and fitness. Backed by a YouTube video and an Instagram post the project has generated a huge amount of interest, sprouted discussions and hundreds of comments.
tech review: One of Russia's most renowned techno-bloggers Stas Vasiliev makes daily videos on his iKakProsto and iKakProsto2 YouTube channels, covering technology news and reviewing the latest updates from the world's top technology brands.

«eing 100% obsessed with YouTube he appeared still not to have a web-site of his own. This is where MediaCube Agency and Wix came in. Stas made an almost real-time video of him creating a website on Wix, delivering comments as he progressed and supported the brand in one of his follow-up videos.

He was so happy with the result that he went on keeping the Wix-built site up and running as his official web-presence.
travel show: Misha Ronkainnen aka Pojehavshij travels the world exploring remote localities and hard-to-reach places. Recently he has been joined by his wife Anastacia. The idea MediaCube Agency came up with was a "365 Dreams" Project. In their journeys Anastacia interviews people about their ultimate dreams and shares these round-the-world dream stories on a Wix-built website, generating tons of positive feedback.
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